The highlight or my personal favorite from the Masai Mara trip was getting the two Notch brothers, together in the morning glory, as if they were destined to pose for me. There are magical moments in the wild and this was one of that kind for me. It was my luck, I spotted these handsome hunks right on time, and they decided to walk together towards my vehicle, giving me a golden chance to make a fabulous frame. Getting the catchlight in the eyes always give life to any frame. In this case it was magical, I could see the twinkling stars in the eyes of the king. The tall one is Caesar and the short one is called Notch 2. It was very saddening that, Caesar passed away… Now only Notch 2 is alive. The Notch bothers are one of the most famous lion prides of Masai Mara, Kenya. There are many documentaries made on their life so far.

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