Luxury ride !

Two cute chicks take a luxurious ride on their mothers back. The Black-necked swan chicks...

Chain of survival !

Cheetahs are the real posers of the wild. I often feel like they act, walk and behave like sup...

Brotherhood !

The highlight or my personal favorite from the Masai Mara trip was getting the two N...


Great WorkNephy k
Awesome WorksPraveen
The photos are brilliant, we are absolutely thrilled!! Your work has been outstanding.Simon
Great work and splendid shotsnazeer pangod
Capturing the best of nature requires the strenuous efforts, patience, a vision with an artistic view. Each snap is unique and at its best. Wish you SHAFI a great journey and be recognized as a world class photographer. Eagerly waiting to see new yourRANGESH R P
Amazing work to be honest, wonderful frames displayed. Wishing you the best.Haarish Mohammed
Adipoli monee... ShafiiiBAVA RAHIMAN
One of the Awesome Wildlife Photographer.Sudheer Sainudeen